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1)  Students must pay the $100 tuition deposit or be approved for a waiver of deposit to the Business Office to register for fall classes.

2)  Students must have their spring account paid or be current on arrangements.

3)  Also, beginning on Tuesday, March 26, students need to meet with their advisor to be cleared for registration.

Registration Schedule begins:

Monday, April 1  8:30 am*  Sophomore, Junior and Senior fall athletes(golf, swimming, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, bowling, and cross country), students with disabilities, students in music ensembles, and Honors College students.

Tuesday, April 2 12:00 am   Sophomore, Junior and Senior students

Wednesday, April 3 12:00 am  Freshman fall athletes

Thursday, April 4 12:00 am  Freshman students

*When registering for classes, you must log into MyCU after the begin time for the drop/add to show for classes.