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Fall 2018 Class Registration

1) Students must pay the $100 tuition deposit or be approved for a waiver of deposit to the Business Office to register for fall classes.

2) Students must have their spring account paid or be current on arrangements.

3) Also, beginning on Tuesday, March 20, students need to meet with their advisor to be cleared for registration.

Registration Schedule begins:

Monday, March 26  8:30 am*  Sophomore, Junior and Senior Fall athletes(Basketball, Football, Cheerleading, Soccer, Volleyball, Cross Country and Swimming), students with disabilities, students in music ensembles, and Honors College students. 

Tuesday, March 27 12:00 am*  Sophomore, Junior and Senior students

Wednesday, March 28  12:00 am*  Freshman Fall athletes

Thursday, March 29  12:00*  Freshman students

*  When registering for classes, you must log into MyCU after the begin time for the drop/add to show for classes. 

  • February 19-23 - Whites Crossing Housing Signups (Deposit required and current with Business Office)
  • March 12 - Housing Signups Continues (Deposit or deposit waiver required and current with Business Office)
  • March 20 - Passport to Fall in Columns Building (third floor)
  • March 26 - First day for upperclassmen to register for Fall 2018 courses (Deposit or deposit waiver required AND satisfactory finances required)
Your deposit serves multiple purposes.  It is necessary to both register for Fall 2018 housing and register for Fall 2018 courses.  The cost for the deposit is $100, and it covers both registration and double occupancy housing reservations.
Private room housing is also available for the Fall 2018 semester and requires a $250 deposit in place of the $100 deposit.  (The total is $250, not $350)  A waiver may not be used to count towards the $250 deposit for private housing ($250 must be paid, not $150 plus a waiver). This is ONLY the deposit for private rooms; there is an additional charge of $850 per semester for private rooms that is billed to your student account).
Housing signups for students interested in Whites Crossing (both apartments and suites) will begin Monday, February 19th (see housing packet for your eligibility).  To register for this housing, you must pay the $100 or $250 deposit to have your deposit hold removed.  Students wanting private rooms should pay the $250 deposit AND have their Business Office Hold removed.  Standard rooms also require deposit and Business Office clearance for your student account.
Housing signups for traditional housing (not Whites Crossing) begins March 12th.  To register for this housing, you must pay the $100 deposit or submit the deposit waiver to have your deposit hold removed.  You may pick up your returning student housing packet in Residence Life or at www.chowan.edu/campus-life/residence-life, and click on "2018-2019 Returning Student Housing Packet."
Course registration begins March 26th and requires that both the Deposit Hold AND the Business Hold be removed from your account.  There are additional holds outside of the Business Office that may be on your account as well. Other holds may include advisor, medical, transcript, and disciplinary holds.  Be sure that all holds are removed from your account. They are outlined in the last section of this email.  Also, be sure you have met with your advisor prior to registration.
As it relates to the Business Office, please check your MyCU for two potential holds:
  • Deposit hold: This will appear as "Needs to pay Tuition Deposit"
    • This hold may be removed by paying a $100 deposit to the Business Office or by paying online here. If you pay your deposit online, you may pick up your receipt in the Business Office the following day.
    • At some point in the near future, the Financial Aid Office will begin accepting deposit waivers for students who have completed their FAFSA and have a EFC of $0-$100.  (Verification must be completed, if selected)
  • Business hold: This will appear as "Owes Spring 2018"
    • This hold may be removed by paying your spring account balance in full OR by having all payment plan payments paid in full that have due dates of February 15th or earlier.
    • You may make payments on your student account by clicking here.
As it relates to the Registrar's Office, please check your MyCU for three potential holds:
  • High School Transcript hold: This will appear as "Missing High School Transcript"
  • College Transcript hold: This will appear as "College Transcripts not submitted"
    • To resolve, order transcript from previous institution to be sent directly to:
      • Registrar's Office - Chowan University - One University Place, Murfreesboro, NC 27855
    • An extension of time may be possible if you are unable to submit your transcript by the deadline.  If you need an extension, please contact Jennnifer Humphrey, Registrar's Office, First Floor Columns, (252)398-6280, jehumphrey1231@chowan.edu.

  • Must See Registrar holdPlease see the Registrar, Jennifer Humphrey, for resolution.
As it relates to Student Affairs, please check your MyCU for one potential hold:
  • Disciplinary hold: This will appear as "Disciplinary Hold"
    • To resolve, bring proof of payment of disciplinary fine to Residence Life staff in Penny Hall.
Printable Forms
Continuing Education Registration Form
(.pdf, 225K)