Hawk Flight Book Return Process

Please return Spring 2022 outstanding books via the following options: 

[1]  Drop Off:  Today through May 6, 2022
Dates:  Today through May 6, 2022 (Monday - Friday Only)
Times:  8:30 am - 5:00 pm  
Location:  Chowan University Bookstore, located in the back of the Columns Building
[2]  Mail-In:  Today through May 6, 2022
It is the student's responsibility to return the books to the Business Office by May 6, 2022.  The University will not provide shipping labels for students to return books.
           Please mail books to the following address:
                       Chowan University
                        Attn: Bookstore
                       One University Place
                       Murfreesboro, NC 27855
** To ensure the return of your book rentals, please return them to the dedicated staff member at the Bookstore.  The University will not be responsible for collecting Hawk Flight Book Returns from other locations on campus (ie. Residence Halls, classrooms, lobbies, etc).
Failure to return Spring 2022 outstanding books by Friday, May 6, 2022, via the options above, will result in the non-return fee to be charged to your student account.  Additionally, failure to return the book in a reusable condition will also result in the non-return charge being applied to your student account.  Examples of unacceptable reusable conditions include, but are not limited to water damage, ripped or missing cover/pages, smoke odor, defacing of the information in the book, and markings that prevent future use.